Google AdWords Benefits

Google AdWords Benefits

Google AdWords is an online auction system Google has developed to assist you in marketing your products or services. The highest bidder does not necessarily win the highest position – Google wants the best possible search experience for the searchers and focusses heavily on relevancy and other factors when determining ad rank.

Our Google certified experts will leverage our in-depth knowledge of the inner workings and campaign settings – providing your company a competitive edge with a well planned, well structured and fine-tuned Google AdWords campaign. There are many Google AdWord features to benefit from and we at PPC Adwords have the expertise to make the most of them. Below is a list of some of the benfits:

Reach the right people at the right time

Show your ads to users who are looking for your product or service right at that very second. AdWords connects your customers with your product offerings at the exact time they are interested.

Pay per click

You only pay when someone actually clicks on your advertisement making Google AdWords one of the most cost effective marketing methods. You do not have to pay for showing your advertisements to non-interested customers.

Zoom in on your target audience

The campaign can be configured to focus only on your target audience. Target users based on their interests allowing you to show them your products even when they area browsing unrelated websites.

Detailed insights and reports

Everything can be tracked, monitored and analysed which can assist in fine tuning your campaign. This includes impressions, clicks, conversions, conversion rate, cost per click, cost per acquisition and much more.

Real time control

You can stop, start or pause your campaign at any given time. You can also edit, remove and add ads around the clock in order to find the best performing ad copy generating the most conversions or leads.

Location targeting

Decide exactly where to show and where not to show your ads – you can target specific countries, regions, cities and even a specified radius. You also have the option of excluding certain locations to not show your ads.

Mobile bid adjustments

Decide whether you want to show your advertisements to people browsing on mobile devices by increasing or decreasing mobile bids based on a percentage.

Time scheduling

Specify certain hours of a day or days of the week when you want to show your ads. You can also set bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids for specific days and times.